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Recently I have been asked about simple exercises- things you can do at home to tone up certain areas of your body. First I want to give a disclaimer and say I am not a personal trainer I am not a nutritionist. I am however a stay at home mom (At least for the last week I have been) and I am finding that more and more of my clients/customers and consumers are asking for ways to work out. Many of my customers are about 250-480ish pounds and many feel they cannot walk or run at this point. To be honest when I was at 270 pounds I did not think I was able to work out much and when I did It was like I was getting “bigger” I didn’t understand that inflammation in the muscles would occur. Any ways I do not want to hinder any one from starting a work out of any type. BUT if you feel you cannot work out and you have no desire I want you to try a few things. But before I post about those few small things. I want to share with you my before picture. I also want to inform you I did not lose all the weight by doing these simple exercises these were just a start and on days “I don’t feel like” walking, jogging and rolling around on the floor with my work out system at home I do these. Even if you have a decent work out program your working on- burning extra calories never hurt! ( or even toning up an area that is hard to target).

suzi 270

So first thing I would like to share with you is easy. SO easy you will think that won’t work. First you need to put your heels together and your toes pointing out. Your arms should be up in the air like you are holding a huge beach ball ( if you have a stabilizer ball that is awesome use it to add resistance and to add form) while standing straight up you should Squeeze all of your muscles you do not need to go on the toes or anything.  THE ENTIRE TIME hold your stomach in as far as you can- this will help stregthen your core as well.

IMG_20130623_161210 IMG_20130623_163349IMG_20130623_163242

Then you will squat kind of your knees will go out above your toes and while doing this you bring your arms down in front of you. (The fact that your toes are pointing out will assist in working the inner thighs) then you go back up to a straight position and squeeze again. You just did one! Now repeat as many times as you like/need to remember every one is different if you are not a work-out-a-holic you may feel this in just 4-5 reps. But it does help with some spots you may want to work.


Second one I would like to share with you is this: Stand up next to a table/counter/ bar stool or something firm that you can use for stability just in case. NOW with the leg on the outer side you just lift in a kicking position with out bending your leg. you can bring it up as high as you like but most will stay at knee level and below. and bring your leg back in ( still standing with toes pointed out and heels together.)


Then you will go to the next position and go out to the side.


Lastly you will kick to the back all the while keeping the knees straight. Again you may feel this in just a few reps. I personally love doing these on days “I forgot to work out”


Something else I do while working on the computer if it is on the counter is I stand with feet shoulder width apart and move from side to side with my hips. I usually feel this in the upper thighs.

Like I said earlier I did not lose all the weight by doing these exercises I do take supplements daily and have for the last 2 years. I am posting these because I feel that it may help some one- any one to get motivated and say YES I CAN WORK OUT NO MATTER YOUR ENERGY LEVEL OR SIZE. If you would like more easy exercises or want to tell me what you think of these just comment below. If you would like to be added to a list of people emailed about our weight loss/energy enhancing products just go to our website. We would love to help you reach your goals too!

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